UFO Surfing

Photo by Ryan Hutton

Jimmy is on top of the ramp. Gary over the radio: “Jimmy, 20 to drop.”

“Copy.” Jimmy checks the gloves one more time. Pulls down the visor. Here it comes. The sound around Jimmy starts to muffle and then goes quiet. He is in the bubble now.

“10 seconds.”

Jimmy stares down the ramp. The board is clear and clean, like glass, solid as granite. Feet in place, he edges forward.

“Jimmy, clear to drop in five, four, three, two…”

One. “Dropping in.” Jimmy leans over. The board is quick. There is no sound as the disc comes in past the scaffold.

Free. On top of it, now behind, under, now spinning. Reckless. He is light and shadow. One. With them.

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  • It is one thing
  • To lose.
  • It is another thing
  • To be lost.
  • It is something
  • Entirely devastating
  • To be forgotten.

Radiohead – All I Need

There is so much to love about this; not just the song (of course) but the whole experience. When I watch and listen to this, I am simultaneously transported to five different places in my mind. Me—and the parallel Me’s—we join up at the end, exhausted, yet wanting the song to continue forever.

The real “moment” here, where I connect, is with Colin Greenwood at about 3:23 when he drops into that low E on the bass.

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The Last Day of Summer

Photo by Frank Oberle

A bulleted list.

  • Breathe
  • Stare into the middle distance
  • Close your eyes and sigh
  • Open your eyes and sigh
  • What is the world coming to
  • An end
  • Will the soil and the shores burn
  • The fascists are coming
  • They’re here
  • Did they open the camps
  • Got the neighbors down the street
  • Don’t forget the milk
  • And the bread
  • And the children
  • Dinner plans
  • Breathe