UFO Surfing

Trees against purple night sky.
Photo by Ryan Hutton

Jimmy is on top of the ramp. Gary over the radio: “Jimmy, 20 to drop.”

“Copy.” Jimmy checks the gloves one more time. Pulls down the visor. Here it comes. The sound around Jimmy starts to muffle and then goes quiet. He is in the bubble now.

“10 seconds.”

Jimmy stares down the ramp. The board is clear and clean, like glass, solid as granite. Feet in place, he edges forward.

“Jimmy, clear to drop in five, four, three, two…”

One. “Dropping in.” Jimmy leans over. The board is quick. There is no sound as the disc comes in past the scaffold.

Free. On top of it, now behind, under, now spinning. Reckless. He is light and shadow. One. With them.